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Heat recovery plant for heating intake air

Fan-assisted gas burners in the plastic industry

Heat recovery for heating the intake air of a fan-assisted gas burner in the plastic industry for the manufacture of halogen-free, flame-retardant filler materials.
Heat recovery system over specially developed plate heat exchanger with a recovery output of 415 KW


Technical data:

Hot air flow:

Volume flow 24.000 m³/h

Inlet temperature 140°C

Outlet temperature 60°C

Cold air flow:

Volume flow 20.000 m³/h

Inlet temperature 20°C

Outlet temperature 85°C

Heat recovery plant burner C3
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Annual recovery output

3.486.000 KW/h


Energy cost saving

87.150,00 euros p.a.


Pay-off period for plant
only 1.5 years

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Control diagram
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