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Company profile
Ventilation, sound and air-conditioning technology is what the people at Lufttechnik have learned. 70 staff members with a keen sense of responsibility take care of the planning, construction, assembly and commissioning of ventilation and refrigeration systems, process measurement and control, control cabinet construction, machine hoods, sound insulating cabins, driers for mineral fibres and textiles, ventilators and duct systems. All drawings can be created with the CAD system AutoCad Mechanical 2008. 
The company Formmaschinen GmbH, LUFTTECHNIK KG emerged from Formmaschinen GmbH, established in 1919. The nature and purpose of the business of Formmaschinen GmbH was extended on several occasions. Formmaschinen GmbH, LUFTTECHNIK KG was finally entered in the commercial register as an independent company in 1969. For over 40 years now, the company has concerned itself with the development and production of air technology systems of all kinds. Its portfolio also includes the conception, manufacture and assembly of air-conditioning and ventilation systems tailored to the client's needs and local conditions.
Specialised company
In accordance with §19 I WHG (Wasserhaushaltsgesetz = Water Management Act), as a specialised company our company is licensed to handle water-hazardous substances in refriger- ating and cold-distributing systems. The building control recognition of the ÜWG (Überwachungs- gemeinschaft Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology e.V. = inspection association for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology) is given by the Institut für Bautechnik (institute of building technology) in Berlin. (Public-law institution) Überwachungsgemeinschaft Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology e.V.
Refrigeration/Air-Con from specialised companies only
Formmaschinen GmbH, Lufttechnik KG is a specialised refrigeration/air-con company. As specialists in the refrigeration plant engineering trade we plan, realise and maintain refrigeration and air-conditioning plant for a wide range of application areas. Only a specialised refrigeration/air-con company is capable of fully assessing the complex processes of air-conditioning and ventilation and then configuring the plant accordingly. Its qualification ensures the correct installation, smooth operation and, with continuous maintenance, the safe and energy-efficient operation of the plant and systems.
Added to this are the environmentally compatible disposal of used refrigerants and the proficient implementation of future-proof solutions for the replacement or alteration of existing plant. High priority is also given to climate protection. CFC and HCFC refrigerants that harm the ozone layer have long ceased to be an issue for the specialised refrigeration/air-con company. New plant are built only according to the state of the art, i.e. energy efficient and environmentally orientated. In doing so, Formmaschinen GmbH, Lufttechnik KG makes an important contribution towards protecting the ozone layer and the climate, to reducing CO2 and the safe operation of the plant and systems with no risk to health.
Your contacts

In urgent cases you can reach our emergency service outside normal business hours (Mon-Fri 7:00 am - 4:00 pm) at the following telephone numbers:

Refrigeration engineering emergency service:
0 800/ 26 22 112