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Glass bead blasting
Function and benefits . Long experience . Collection and delivery service
Glass bead blasting is an ideal form of surface treatment for metals such as stainless steel and aluminium.
Function and benefits
The glass beads with a diameter of only 0.25 mm are much harder than sand grains and are therefore particularly suited to the treatment of precious and hard non-ferrous metals. With pressure of 6 bar the metal is smoothed, weld burn is removed cleanly, patina and oxidation layers are removed. The smooth surface structure of the workpiece is strengthened and visually enhanced by glass bead blasting. After treatment, the workpiece retains a matt surface which neither reflects nor dazzles throughout the entire duration of its use.
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Long experience
Mechanical engineering companies which manufacture products for the food industry profit in particular from Lufttechnik's more than 30 years experience of glass bead blasting. Value retention and high demands with regard to hygiene make blasting the workpieces with glass beads indispensable.
The additional follow-up treatment with a special biological spray coating makes the metals hygienically flawless for the food industry. No whether it is bare, ground or dyed material, flatware or parts with free formed surfaces – Lufttechnik blasts all over, all round and selectively.
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Collection and delivery service
If you cannot drop off and pick up your workpieces yourself, simply take advantage of Lufttechnik's practical collection and delivery service.
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